At CONCEPTUAL we commit ourselves to sustainability, taking care to be environmentally conscious from the beginning to the end of our manufacturing process and offering compelling solutions for the end of life cycles issues.

The base structure of the seating modules is made of pine wood from organic forestry (FSC-certified) and from formaldehyde-poor and residual particle boards (E1 classification).                 

Upon request and at extra cost, the polyether foam can be replaced with biodegradable materials. This also applies to the fabrics. The foam is attached with environmentally friendly water-based adhesive.

If desired, the table tops can be made of bamboo or other eco-friendly sheet material.

The optional desk lamps feature LED technology that combines a long life (up to 50,000 hours) with very low power consumption.

The best assurance of sustainability comes from the flexibility of the concept. All CONCEPTUAL products are an investment for years; parts can be replaced easily and configurations can be adjusted to a new environment.