Acoustics is all about two main principles, isolation and absorption. At CONCEPTUAL we managed to deliver those two things because all of our products with high backrests have panels consisting of three different layers, foam, perforated hardboard and glass fiber. The effect of those layers in that specific order, is that the sound goes trough the perforated hardboard and is absorbed in the glass fiber. Those three layers are then repeated the other way around to keep the absorbed sound in it’s place and to give it it’s isolating character towards the surrounding environment.

Activity-based-working requires optimum acoustics, plug & play facilities and privacy when concentration is needed. People can sit at the outside of the acoustic sofas, working on their laptop while having a conversation. At the inside the flex-workstations create the necessary privacy and acoustics to concentrate. The spotlights will keep inside places light in spite of the high rise backs of the seats.



acoustic material.jpg