Worktop and base of the MUSHROOM TABLES are made of one and the same material. The conic base is a composition of stacked round panels creating a unique texture in which the joint lines merge with the horizontal lines of the multiplex. The edge of the work top continues this horizontal pattern and makes the top blend together with the base. The mat surface of the Fenix lamination on top creates a beautiful contrast with the ridge texture of the base and edge. The weight of the base easily supports a 140cm diameter worktop, leaving plenty of leg space underneath.

The MUSHROOM TABLES come in different heights and diameters. The edge of the work top and the base are lacquered with a transparent, ecofriendly coating.



High: variable

Adjustable: no



Fenix HPL



Packaging: top and column seperated

Assembly: easy




coluntable_cameo_lowres (002).jpg