Comfortable upholstered conference chair available with different bases. Ideal for combinations with meeting tables, hot desks or free standing in combination with the soft seating ranges of our collection. CAMEO is available in different fabric ranges. The inside with integrated cushion can be upholstered on request in different fabric compared to the outside.



Seating height: 46cm

Total height: 78cm

Width: 56cm

Depth: 56cm



Seat: Molded PU-foam

Wood case



- 4 leg                          
Lacquered solid oak wood

- Wood base              
Lacquered solid oak wood

- 4 star                        
Polished- or powder coated aluminum

- Casters                     
Polished- or powder coated aluminum

- Sledge                      
Polished- or powder coated aluminum



Swivel: 360 degree

Stackable: No

Packaging: Seat/base separated in plastic bag




columntable_cameo_lowres (002).jpg