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Our mission is to develop furniture that helps people to connect and to communicate. By creating products that can adapt to every environment, we believe we can bring people closer together, while preserving one another’s privacy through optimum acoustic solutions.

Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.
— Charles Eames

Today’s world is, more then ever before, focused on results and people especially go to the office to achieve those results. At CONCEPTUAL we are convinced that people who are able to choose where to sit and where to work, structure their days more productively. They are more conscious of what they’ve come to do in the office and why they’re going to do it. Of course it’s crucial to create a landscape which optimally supports these diverse activities and that’s when we come into play.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Gandhi


Our production plant is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and we dispose of a 20 year long experience in the field of upholstery, done by a team of more than 60 passionate employees proud of the high quality standard we manufacture for you.


CONCEPTUAL has set stringent standards in regard to quality control with a 100% check of the incoming materials, intermediate quality checks at each production stage and final quality control before packing, assuring that the overall build quality of the modules meets the high design standards.


With a weekly service with our own trucks, we serve the majority of our customer base, guaranteeing quick lead times and avoiding the usual damages of consolidated transports. On request, we can support you with the assembly of the furniture at the place of installation.


Besides the factory, CONCEPTUAL disposes of a warehouse in Geleen, The Netherlands. In order to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum, we avoid packing material wherever possible, especially when we transport with our own trucks. Big project orders are sent in bulk packaging.



CONCEPTUAL is at your disposal and supports you in the day to day business with quotations and order administration, advice on specials, performant logistics and space planning, offering a complete set of 2D and 3D space planning tools and space planning advice. Fabric swatches can be sent on request.



With CONCEPTUAL you will find a genuine one stop shopping partner as we don’t only tell interesting stories but offer all services in one hand, from product design to space planning, commercial advise and last but not least production, logistics and after sales service. Our production know how allows us to react quickly and easily in case of customized product enquiries.

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At CONCEPTUAL we commit ourselves to sustainability, taking care to be environmentally conscious from the beginning to the end of our manufacturing process and offering compelling solutions for the end of life cycles issues.

The base structure of the seating modules is made of pine wood from organic forestry (FSC-certified) and from formaldehyde-poor and residual particle boards (E1 classification).                 

Upon request and at extra cost, the polyether foam can be replaced with biodegradable materials. This also applies to the fabrics. The foam is attached with environmentally friendly water-based adhesive.

If desired, the table tops can be made of bamboo or other eco-friendly sheet material.

The optional luminaires feature LED technology that combines a long life (up to 50,000 hours) with very low power consumption.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum, we avoid packing material wherever possible, especially when we transport with our own trucks. Big project orders are sent in bulk packaging.



Our Society, the furniture market and the individual needs have never changed any faster than the past decade. The working environment has changed and has become a bigger part of the business’ corporate image ever since. Furthermore, many of us don’t have regular working hours anymore and the boundaries between private  and professional life are fading.

All of this has resulted in an increasing need for differentiation, warmth and a cosy working environment. For this reason, Conceptual tries to fulfil this need for flexibility in the design characteristics of the products. Optimum adaptability to the setting, a broad range of functionalities and attention for the individual interior requirements of the customer form our guiding principles. The combination of different fabrics on the same product, the colour choice for the steel components and the wide scale of table top finishes are just a few examples that envision this design philosophy.

3D-files are made available for designers and architects in such a way that different surfaces and components can separately be ‘specified’ regarding colour and materials, without having a big influence on our internal operations or prices for the end user.

Dirk Rutten designs all products together with a team of specialists. He is also in charge of the marketing of this collection. Besides being the designer, he equally is the driving force behind the creation of the international, young furniture brand, Conceptual.